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Training Records
category Application Sports
price US$3`4
Contents You can record your daily training.
Walk, run (jogging), swimming, bike (bicycle) can be recorded separately.

Various aggregation functions, graphs, displays a ranking, do an analysis of daily training.

Goals (distance, time) can be set, you can keep the motivation.

If the data for the course for easy input.

Import / export capabilities, you can also migrate data.

The main function of measurement training
- GoogleMap using GPS to record a run of training
- Stopwatch function (Lap have feature)
- demonstration drive capability
- Screen Lock
- Training is available for up to 50 measurements
- automatic registration of training log data
- When measuring a fixed portrait

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‘ Key Operation Flow
  Step1 Main Menu
View the various functions.
- Export / Import feature

  Step2 Course / Tournament Registration
You can register for training courses and competitions.
- Makes it easy to enter training records.

  Step3 training log
Register the daily training.
- List (every item, every day, every month, every year)
- Graphs (distance, time) (daily, monthly, yearly)
- Ranking (Daily, monthly, by Title, separate event)

  Step4 goal setting (distance)
- You can set a monthly target distance.

  Step5 goal setting (time)
- Set a target time for a specified distance.

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