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Golf Records
category Application Sports
price US$3`4
Contents You can make the management of records and score practice round of golf.

Has the following characteristics.
-Centralization of records and record practice round score.
-Simple input screen that can be entered into a 18 degree hole and calendar display.
-Analysis capabilities and a variety of management by objectives.

  The main function
‘ record score
By recording the round score, which can lead to the score up.
-Input items (bats, OB, penalty, Bunker, Putting, Sand Saves, fairway).
-Aggregate field (Greens in Regulation, Bogion rate, Sand Save Percentage, recovery rate, the rate of fairway, birdie rate, the rate of par, bogey rate, the rate of double bogey, triple bogey or higher rate, incidence OB, penalty rate, the rate of bunker).

‘ practice record
By recording the daily practice, you can keep track of the state.
-Input item (Menu practice (Driver, approach, etc.), training at-bats, practice time).

‘ target management
By setting a goal, you can maintain the motivation.
-Practice of the month at-bats.
-Practice time of the month.
-The goal of the course score.

‘ Other
-Calendar display (daily).
-List (every item, daily, every month, every year).
-Graph display (daily, every month, every year).
-See the rankings (daily, every month, every year).
-Refine feature.
-Ranking function.
-Import / export feature.

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